[Deadline extended] Call for the next lab puzzle shape! (after "A Tilted Picture of Running Man")

Dear all -

Please vote for the lab shape you would like to test next (after “A Tilted Picture of Running Man”)

We would like to ask you to pick puzzles that can expose the weakness of the current energy model and algorithms. In other words, we want you to pick a shape that bots such as ViennaRNA and NUPACK will fail!

This poll will close on Monday, August 1st or possibly later if the current puzzle needs to run round 2.

I suggest Broken propeller, as I would like to see how the neckarea will behave, when bending.

I would not ask just pick one the people who vote are too scared of challenges

Update - As we are moving to round 2 of “A Tilted Picture of Running Man”, the deadline of this poll has been moved to August 14th.

I wouldn’t mind doing Mat’s mod of Broken propeller either, as it has 5 nt loops, which is the second most common in nature after 4 nt loops (tetraloops).

I like “Mat - Things to test” because most of elements have not been tested in the lab. But I also do agree with Eli for “Mat’s mod of Broken propeller”.

For those who are new, you can find or submit the lab shape candidates here

My vote is for Big Loop.

I vote for “Big Loop”.

(1)—Branching out


1st choice: Kudzu (failure by SSD, Vienna, and timeouts by INFO-RNA)
2nd choice: Mat-Things to Test (several interesting features that haven’t appeared in a lab design before)

Water Strider

2nd choice: Mat - Broken Propeller Mod