Dear Watson!

Recently one of your friends talked about you with pride, in our chat. I have already heard so many good things about you.

I have learned that you are very good at going to school and can find answers to everything. I also heard that you took a real fine medical exam even though you are just a kid computer and that you are now a very skilled doctor, helping human doctors saving lives.

Me and all my Eterna friends have been going to lab school. We are toying with small RNA bricks and learning how to make RNA fold up. Like you we had to learn everything from scratch, as we knew very little about RNA.

Your friend also mentioned that you were looking for new skills to learn with which you could be of help to society.

I would love if you should one day come by Eterna and play with us. You will be very welcome. I will be happy to share what I have learned so far, though I must also admit there is still so much that I don’t understand about RNA. But the scientists and eterna players, hold different pieces of knowledge in this RNA mystery puzzle. I am certain that you could help us and the scientists with making the smartest RNA folding algorithm in the world. Then we could together save a lot of lives and solve environmental problems too.

Someone said that RNA is really just math. Though this is true, for me RNA is like a game. Feel free to bring your big brother as well. I hear he loves playing chess. I’m think he will like it here.


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I absolutely LOVE this letter!