Default lab sorting is really weird

So, the sorting order is REALLY weird. The default sort order is supposedly puzzle date, however if you click on that link again, it changes so obviously not. If you look at what the default order does, it actually has a few sets, descending by lab ID each time. One set of these are the featured labs. Pastebin of what the order is by lab ID:

This issue is rooted in the API, as that’s where the data is presented so oddly.


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Looking through the lab histories, I find
the last entries of the shape labs are:
Alternative structure space for human tRNAs
by tmjlowe on 17 May, 2014
featured by  University of California, Santa Cruz
then, the next entries are the labs that just went into production:
MS2 Riboswitches On Chip - Round 4 [Waiting for synthesis results] 
by johana on 13 Jun, 2015
featured by  Stanford
In between, there is nothing.
Where is that data?

By the way, you can simply click the puzzle date sorting option, and it will appear as normal.
Nando had noted (the reason for) this in a previous post I separated this out from:…