"Delta variant with PSU degscore" lab puzzle frozen

I can’t seem to use this puzzle in the Delta variant lab today. I’m using a laptop with Windows 10. I tried first in Microsoft Edge (Version 92.0.902.73 (Official build) (64-bit)) and then in Chrome (Version 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)) but was unsuccessful in both.
Currently, when I try to enter the puzzle by clicking on “design” from this page in both Edge and Chrome, I get this error.

I was able to get into the puzzle by going through the design browser and opening one of the designs that has already been submitted. I was also able to paste in the sequence that I wanted to modify. However, once in the puzzle, I was not able to fix more than a few violations before the puzzle froze. This happened in both Edge and Chrome.

I had hoped to submit a few more designs before tomorrow’s deadline. Is there anything that can be done?

Hey there! The annotations on this puzzle were being updated, and there was a temporary error when that was done. It’s been fixed!

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The puzzle is loading now, but still freezing frequently as I zoom in and move the field of view. Is it likely that the new annotations option is slowing things down?

Possibly. I assume you don’t notice this on the previous puzzles from before this week?

I haven’t tried to do many other puzzles recently, but I think I played this week’s POTW without any trouble.

If you didn’t try any previous rounds of the lab, then what you’re seeing may just be due to the size of these puzzles - we’ve made improvements to performance recently, but puzzles this large can still struggle.

I did participate in the previous rounds of the Open Vaccine labs, and I didn’t have trouble with puzzles freezing. They were slow at times, but didn’t freeze completely.

Yeah what you’re seeing is likely due to the new annotations feature, yeah - certain operations (such as zooming or structure changes) require it to recalculate open space for annotations to go. There’s likely some room to optimize, but for right now what you’re seeing is probably expected.

Based off my memory of chat the freezing started within a couple hours of noon PST on Saturday the 14th. The JSON error occurred some hours later. At least 6 people trying to work on the Delta variant labs have been unable to since the issues began yesterday. 2 other Chrome, 1 Edge, and 1 Safari users.

Hi all - really sorry about the issues with this. I’ve just released a hotfix for the crash (eg, zooming in far enough could cause the entire application to unrecoverably freeze) and generally improve performance of puzzles with annotations (hopefully significantly reducing any stuttering when eg zooming). Patch notes are here: Release v1.11.7 · eternagame/EternaJS · GitHub

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