[Dev Chat Followup] Landing page redesign suggestions

At the chat on New Years Day, Rhiju said that Sharif is working on a home page redesign, and that suggestions would be appreciated. This topic is for the landing page previous to a user logging in, please also check out the topic for the feed page after a user logs in. Please post any thoughts here!


Kinda like what I said on the other topic, it would be cool to have a carousel banner of sorts like there was for the RNA-AW main page, showing off some of the latest news and whatever would be interesting to a new user coming in.

Currently, it’s feels really isolated from the rest of the site, and isn’t very inviting in my opinion. I’d specifically look at that, though I can’t really put my finger on something specifically, just that it should flow more naturally and be captivating for the new user (the current flash thing in the header is cool, but I don’t think anyone would easily know that it’s even interactive!)

What’s RNA-AW?

Oh, sorry. A little throwback, I’m talking about Algorithm Wars. For those who may not know, it’s the puzzle makers vs bot scripters competition framework that was partially developed, but never launched.

I was inspired from the mockup, I think Vineet did it but sadly it seems that it’s been lost (unless you can dig it up from a Git repo somewhere).

Here’s an example of what I’m going for, though not necessarily full-width: http://www.jssor.com/demos/full-width-slider.slider

Speaking of full-width, it might be good to start thinking about making the website more responsive, ie for different window sizes and mobile devices. It’s generally a must-have for websites now. I’d personally suggest doing a fluid layout, as it maintains look and feel, but even a standard responsive design would be good as long as it’s adaptable.

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I like the idea of having full-width Image Slider, as it could help to view more data faster.
I did mock-ups ideas in response to Rhiju comments on RNA picture library + new idea on The RNA sequence search tool.