Display messed up when switching between tabs

When switching browser tabs away from, and then back to, the game’s display of secondary structure, the display will often be messed up.

I started seeing this with the first release of the redone game code, but now it seems to be happening much more frequently.

The workaround is to resize the window to force a redraw. But this is getting to quite a productivity drain.

How does this admin keeps finding new bugs every day?

First and foremost, I’m a player just like you.

I had the exact same issue except it would happen randomly and almost every minute.

Hi Jamza! It’s heartening to hear that at least one other player has the same symptoms. (Although it started out being associated with switching tabs, my symptoms are now more like you describe.)

Do you by chance have an iMac? If so, what hardware and OS version?

Yeah I have a iMac and it is on a late 2012 iMac with version 10.14.6, I described it in more detail on a forum post I made about it.