Display the Real RNA on puzzle completion

Since many of the puzzles are real RNA, it would be interesting to see how it is actually formed after you’ve solved the puzzle.

I can imagine this as an semi-transparent overlay over your solution so that you could see the differences.

(Granted, this is dependent on if we know the actual or common makeup of these RNAs).

You can visualize an approximation of the RNA’s estimated structure incorporating experimental data using the “estimate mode” in lab design results. Note that this is an approximation, as even with our experimental data we are unable to completely determine the RNA’s structure: some aspects such as non-cannonical base pairs and tertiary contacts cannot be precisely determined from these experiments.

Sweet, however this is not available in the puzzle mode for real life RNA. I guess this should be taken as a request to move this functionality into the puzzle rounds as well.

And yes, I understand that we may only have approximation…