Dissimilar terminology in messages from different bots. Why?

Do these messages mean the same?

ViennaBot on Tue, 04/05/2011 - 06:25.
[BOT MESSAGE] ViennaRNA failed to solve this puzzle.

InfoBot on Sun, 04/10/2011 - 01:02.
[BOT MESSAGE] InfoRNA reported an error while trying to solve this puzzle.

If so, why do you use different terminology for the different bots? Surely it would be better to use the same terminology for all bots?

I must say that the InfoRNA bot gave some surprising results. The puzzle it failed to solve (Sunflowers in a vase) and the puzzle it spent over nine minutes to solve (Up, up and away) were not, to my mind, the most complicated to design and solve.

Could you provide an interpretation of the results?

Hi boganis,

The two messages basically means same, except that the second one means the bot stopped working with an error in our end. Sorry about the confusion - we’ll unify those messages.

ViennaRNA and InfoRNA do not run deterministic methods- they have randomness built into their core and may come up with varying results. Also, it might be the case different puzzles are hard for bots and players.

EteRNA team

Thank you for a clarifying answer :slight_smile: