DMs and comments aren't being forward to players

Unless I am missing something, there is no way in the new site to see messages from other players, either DMs or topics being followed.

Players in the know can use the legacy site to see them, but newer players probably never see them.

Here’s a week of pageviews for the two newsfeed URLs.

They are available via the bell icon - in the resulting popover, if you click on an individual notification, or click the arrow on the top right, you will go to the full notification feed page (/feed), which is equivalent to /web/newsfeed/

The average visit time is 1 hours and 43 minutes thanks to me

Sure enough! I think that is too obscure though, judging from the analytics. Do you want me to bring this up with Sharif?

You can, though what about the analytics in particular makes you think that? The number of visits to /web/newsfeed/? I can imagine other reasons why that might be happening, though I don’t know how representative they would be. I’d also suggest checking against the new page (/feed)