DNA tiles pave the way Fabricating shapes out of single-stranded DNA


DNA self assembly alphabet. Very cool! So a new technique compared to DNA origami. Not as precise as the former, but very fast and with a drop in prize that brings hopes on development on the precision.

Thx for the article, Joshua. :slight_smile:

I found this small video on the progress of building with DNA style.

Building 3D structures with DNA bricks

Jnicol found this cool article.

DNA nanotechnology goes 3D

He also dug up this molecular animation of how the DNA bricks gets assembled.

DNA Bricks - Molecular Animation

This building style is not the same as DNA origami. As Jnicol quoted from the press release:

Another method used to build 3D structures, called DNA origami, is tougher to use to build complex shapes, Yin said, because it relies on a long “scaffold” strand of DNA that folds to interact with hundreds of shorter “staple” strands - and each new shape requires a new scaffold routing strategy and hence new staples. In contrast, the DNA brick method does not use any scaffold strand…

Researchers Create Versatile 3D Nanostructures Using DNA “Bricks”