Don't allow tutorial players to turn off free energy and base numbers

A lot of players ask for help in chat for not understanding why some stuff works, and we see that they don’t have energy numbers activated. I, at least, always tell them to turn it on, as usually the explenation to what they don’t understand lies within free energy.
When a new player doesn’t see the free energy, he can only rely on bonds with strength of GU,AU,GC, and blocking unwanted nat structs. Because of that, most orientation stuff just seems like magin, and can’t be experimented upon.

I don’t think that allowing a new player to turn numbers off is helpful with anything; The only reason that I can think of for turning it off is that it looks confusing, which is wrong overall, as that confusion allows the game to make sense after you work enough with it.

What do you think? Are there reasons for _new players_ to be able to turn free energy off?


MasterStormer, this is an excellent observation.

Anything that repeatedly makes new players ask the same question or get stuck the same place is something that is not explained well enough or a game setting that are not set up to support them where they could get lost.

I second this request. Help our new players help themselves.


Why not make the default setting with those turned on.  And then have an option to turn off?  …if there is a reason to turn them off - which I can’t think of.

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