Dont lose your work - open in new tab if you're in a puzzle and click a menu

so you don’t lose any work you are doing

if you’re in a puzzle, a lab, or designing a puzzle then all the dropdown menus should open in a new tab - or have an ‘are you sure you want to navigate away’ question.

If I’d not done a quick printscreen on my latest solution to a puzzle I was designing (but can’t submit yet due to the 3 puzzles per 24hr limit) that would have been lost when I accidentally clicked on the puzzle dropdown (because I was trying to mutate one of the bases behind that semi transparent dropdown).

Anywa y - not a biggy for me on this occassion but I have previously lost about half an hour’s work and I can image it might get frustrating if I did it some time near the end of a very complex puzzle. :slight_smile:

bump (did it again)