Easier Switch Design Process for Players

It would be nice if Switch puzzles had split screen so you could look at the effects of a base change on both shapes at once.
Also, if you could ‘lock’ pieces as being a specific color when in one shape, it would help keep track of what you’ve already done when you switch to the other shape.
Also, it would be helpful if there was a way to see the chain reaction that happens when changing a base. For example in Switch position 1, bases 24 and 13 connect; in Switch position 2, bases 13 and 17 connect. It would be nice if when you go to change base 13,17,or 24 all of the bases that are related to this change are highlighted.
This is helpful because if base 24 is AorG, then 13 is UorC and 17 is AorG.
Likewise, if 24 is UorC, 13 is AorG, and 17 is UorC. So if you change 24 from AorG to UorC, you know you will also have to change 17.

I will love to have both versions of the switch puzzle up at once, as you suggest.

I would want the nucleotide we change in the one shape, to be highlighted in the other shape too. I love your idea with highlighting the chain reaction.

I will also like to be able to lock nucleotides.