Error when deleting design

I deleted my design from the current Ribosome 23S lab and received this message.

My design did delete.

I ran into this two weeks ago when I deleted a design from the OpenVaccine Round 5 sandbox for NanoLuciferase. I accidentally deleted two more designs because I kept getting this error. I can’t recall exactly what happened, I believe I deleted a design and it still showed in the list so I tried again to delete and my next design got deleted as well. Like there was a lag in the design being removed from the list.

I just looked into this and I believe I know where the problem is. Expect a fix to be out in the next game release, which should be live soon

To save the developers some work:
The add, change, delete functions are working OK… The messages are off
( not related to what you just did) so might be a bit confusing but all is functional. There is a lag of around 3 seconds ( for me) that may be a bit confusing for some.

There actually does seem to be an issue that if you hit delete, it will try to delete all other designs you’ve viewed in your current game session. :see_no_evil: This is understandably very bad!

That’s a good catch. My single highlight and delete deletes the highlighted one. Ctrl with multiple selects deletes only those selected for me.

Interesting. The system gave me that message because it was trying to delete all the designs I had viewed in the session.

I had a problem again yesterday that confirms what Jonathan is saying. I submitted a design, realized there was a mistake, submitted a corrected design. Then when I deleted the original design, both designs were deleted.