Eterna browser support troubleshooting

If you see the message “We’re sorry, but your browser configuration is not supported by Eterna - the following feature must be available in order to play”, there may be a few possible solutions depending on what feature it says is required. Feel free to leave a comment if you need further assistance!


In the case of WebAssembly being reported as not available, the issue is almost certainly your browser version. Please update your browser, then give it another shot. For information on what browser versions support WebAssembly, see


There are a number of possible issues causing WebGL to be unavailable.

  • Your browser doesn’t support WebGL. This is unlikely if it supports WebAssembly (there would be an error message saying so instead of this one if it does not support WebAssembly).
  • Hardware acceleration being disabled (this is the most likely culprit). This might be because you’ve explicitly disabled it, or your graphics card or driver version is on a blacklist set by the browser due to performance stability concerns (if you choose to override this blacklist, be aware that it’s possible you might encounter issues on other websites). How to verify/resolve this will depend on your browser:
    • Chrome/Chromium: Go to chrome://settings using your address bar, search hardware acceleration, and then make sure Use hardware acceleration when available is enabled. If this still does not help, your GPU may be blacklisted. You can override the blacklist by going to chrome://flags, search for Override software rendering list, and then change it to enabled.
    • Firefox: Go to about:config using your address bar. Search for webgl.disabled and ensure it is set to false. If this still does not help, you can override the blacklist by searching for webgl.force-enabled in this same screen and setting that to true.
    • Safari: Open the Safari menu and select Preferences. Select the Advanced tab. Check the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox at the bottom. You should then see a Develop menu. In the Develop menu, check Enable WebGL. You can also go into the Experimental Features submenu and select WebGL 2.0
  • Your graphics card drivers are out of date. Updating your graphics drivers is a process heavily dependent on what your graphics card is, so you may need to search online (feel free to ask in this topic for help!)
  • Your graphics card doesn’t support WebGL. Most relatively recent computers should not have this issue, though if for some reason you’re running a computer with hardware from 2005, you are likely out of luck.

Instructions for how to verify this are available for Chrome