Eterna Crashed June 28th 2017

Was talking in “Chat” while deciding which puzzle to solve next. Then the site just went down without warning for several minutes. Here is a link to the page which was displayed: …

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For me the site is fine. Also, you linked the page you were in before the crash (it probably changed the page’s content into an error and not moved you to a new page).

Oh, good to know. Thank you. 

Sorry, I only noticed the “for several minutes” part now. I went to the site only a bit before posting the comment, so I can’t really know.

At this point, I’m not sure how much can be looked into, especially without further information. In the future, it would be helpful to have a screenshot of any error messages (it sounds like there was some error page you saw?) or at least some transcription of it.

I think all of Amazon Web Services was having problems … let us know if you see any further glitches.

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    I think that just might be it rhiju. So far as I can tell there have been periodic or semi-periodic internet service outages across a number of sites over the last week or so. These outages never seem to last for more than a minute and often last less than that, though this sometimes causes Wifi routers to need to be reset upon reestablishment of service.
There is a kiosk at my job which provides a web-based service. For the last two weeks this service will go down with a message displayed which says that the terminal is unable to connect to the server. These outages I believe to be caused by the same issue.
As far as the outage on Eterna is concerned, the message which I see when service is interrupted is as seen in this screenshot: .
After a little while, if the page does not refresh, a second message will display as seen in this second screenshot: . Note that the time displayed at the bottom right is US Eastern (New York) Time, and note that I took these screenshots as they appeared. 

No worries :smiley:

I hear you loud and clear!

Do you know if this kiosk is connecting to a server on AWS? I’m not seeing any info on EC2 outages, but this would be interesting. I’m curious if there’s any known cause or correlation to these outages…

Our In-Game display (for puzzle solving/creating) uses AWS doesn’t it? 

AWS and EC2 seem to be very similar services, I wonder what difference would allow for one to work where the other falters.

   I have found that non-selected Tabs which have opened pages from Eterna will freeze in their un-selected state after a short time if my Free Memory gets too low, usually lower than 100 MB of Free Memory. Thus I always try to keep at least that much Free Memory available. (Thank you again for the suggestion). 

   In related news: Flash crashed for a minute or two today (Aug. 25, 2017) and I watched the Resource Monitor as this occurred. There coinciding perfectly with the event (Shockwave Flash not responding) there was a spike in the number of hard faults for MsMpEng.exe. I am including the screenshot here:

    I do not know to what extent this is significant or explains anything, but I know that this executable relates to Windows Defender somehow. Perhaps the interface between the two is the source of the crashes? 

thanks again for the update. for the first time in a while, i loaded up eterna in safari (instead of chrome) yesterday. And now I see that Safari doesn’t automatically run flash – not because of security issues, but with the excuse that it  wants to avoid  memory and overheating issues (!).

Yet another reason to port to HTML5 ASAP. Hope you – and other folks interested – might attend Eternacon where we’ll discuss this issue (along with some very interesting science and gameplay)!