EteRNA Graphic Versions of Real RNA Native-Folds

Is it possible to somewhere post EteRNA Game-Graphic versions of natural Native-Fold RNA’s?

If so, I think this would be a HUGELY instructive teaching device… It just struck me that all most of us have ever seen in EterRNA - are puzzle solutions, that “we” made ourselves, and lab design submissions, which “we” also made ourselves.

I would love to see how some REAL RNA from nature looks when represented in EteRNA Game-Graphics form… see in what ways a really properly designed RNA molecule differs from puzzles, and from our first steps in early understanding in our design submissions…, and mostly, to see if there are differences we can discern, define & quantify (patterns, placements, common combinations, “never-seen” combinations, etc) as guidelines for our own future lab designs.

Thanks & Best Regards,


dimension9, as we discussed in the chat, it’s on our task list. It’s task # 269 : )

Just wanted to say “I’m really glad this is on the list!” I think this will do a LOT for the quality of Lab Submissions. Once people can see exactly how native folds are similar to, or different from puzzle solutions, and from our early lab designs, I think surely some of that “natural” style will “rub-off;” that it will be imitable and duplicable in peoples subsequent lab submission designs, and I feel certain that design quality will rise overall as a result. I see this as having a definite positive impact.