[Eterna JS] I still want the flash version suggested

I have noticed that with the new labs I no longer get the option to choose between Flash versus JS. I still strongly prefer Flash, mainly for the following reasons.

  1. I dislike the bubbles. I want to be able to turn them off as I am in Flash. 
  2. It takes extra clicks to copy sequences between designs in JS. But it doesn’t in Flash


For those of you who still want the Flash for whatever reason, here is a work around. 

Stick the following “game-legacy” into the lab URL instead of “game”. 


Is there any way I can turn on the option to still get Flash version if labs proposed?


The banner should be on all game pages unless you explicitly click the button to hide the banner. If you hide the banner, it will hide on all game pages.

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Thx, LFP6, I have found the option to come back. I recall hiding the banner as I wanted it to go away.