[Eterna JS] Petition to get rid of the bubbles (as a choice)

The clean performance view

I ask you to add your comment and your vote to this post if you too wish to have the option to turn off the bubbles in the new Eterna JS version, just as we had in flash. 

Poll na gColm has saidI prefer low performance mode because the screen is less animated and helps me visualise what I want to do.

We can loose the bubbles by working in flash, but a lot of new features have only been added in the js version. 

Poll na gColm also brought up that the low performance mod helped with the reading in of the bigger TB puzzles. Getting rid of the floating bubbles will also help those players who don’t have the fastest and newest computers. 


I would love the option to turn bubbles off

Yes, I would love it if they brought this feature back! I only work with the legacy flash version for labs because EternaJS is missing this feature

Please, please get rid of the bubbles. The background motion makes me nauseous!

+1 Optional bubbles please.

I love the bubbles, but I 100% think there should be a low performance mode for the EternaJS analogous to what we previously had for Flash.

With EternaJS, there is not really much, if any, performance penalty associated with not having a low-performance mode, which is why it wasn’t ported. Can we treat this simply as a request to have a way of turning off the bubbles, or was there something else about “low performance” mode that is important?

I think there should be the option to replace the bubbles with other animations, like snowflakes falling for the holidays, balloons on the birthdays of significant researchers, and whatever other cool things people can think of. But that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Another cool one could be leaves falling in the fall season. Maybe other animations, like flower petals in spring.

It’s not just the bubbles that bother me, it’s also the shaking of the RNA that I find off-putting too (I should also mention). In flash it sits nice and still

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I’ve said before that I’d get around to it - and now I have. :slight_smile: Let me know if there’s any issues with it, and hopefully I can get some other fixes in while I’m on break (and not sick!)


(The setting is “Use simpler, less animated graphics”)

Stick with it bud, in any job interview just say, Oh yeah… I’ve dealt with the end user, I am very, Very familiar with what I am up against.

Yay, thx LFP, I like it :slight_smile: Good job! 

My Birthday is the 15th  (:

Yippee!! It’s wonderful!! THANKS!

Happy Birthday!

Yeah, optional turn off of animations of any type (maybe list them in a table) would be nice. Thx