Eterna Medium page? Sharing Eterna with the rest of the world

Hi all! In an effort to further promote and give voice to the incredible citizen science that’s taking place on Eterna, the dev team is contemplating launching an Eterna “Medium publication”. A Medium publication would allow anyone with a medium account to submit their article to it, and also allow us to “cross-share” certain articles posted on the Eterna blog to gain wider readership.

We envision this could be a really awesome platform for both players and researchers to engage the broader public in the really important science we’re doing here.

One idea, for instance, is that for every academic paper that comes out using Eterna data, researchers would also write an article describing the significance of Eterna-based research to the rest of the world – and, ideally, with feedback from Eterna players, to hold us accountable and not slip into academic jargon!!

We’re also hoping the publication could publish player perspectives, accounts from students as they first become acquainted with Eterna, and much more.

Eterna players – what do you think?

What sorts of content would you be interested in reading or contributing on such a platform?

In the glow of a fabulous EternaCon 2020, would you be interested in contributing to an EternaCon 2020 redux article?

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Sounds interesting, but what’s a “medium” account?

Medium is a blogging service - see :slight_smile: