EteRNA porting for Xbox and Playstation?

I am thinking to port EteRNA to the Xbox and Playstation consoles. I think this could make the user base grow more quickly but I need to know if such a project would be legally possible (Copyright issues, patents, etc…). If you guys find this idea interesting, please, contact me and let me know. Thanks!

I look forward to know your opinion!

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A similar idea has been circulating for years: Eterna for mobile devices. I think that if the point is to make the user base grow, such platforms may make a bit more sense than targeting consoles. This said, since a complete rewrite of the code base would be required in both cases, why not tackle both at the same time? A platform like Unity (which has been mentioned many times in developer team meetings) could probably be adequate for all the targets (mobiles, consoles, desktop and web)

This is a quite large endeavour though, which may also require clarifying possible legal issues depending on who’s meaning to bring this project to reality. I’m not aware that the Das/Greenleaf labs or Stanford has secured funds and made definitive decisions on this topic yet. If your plan is some kind of solo-adventure, or possibly an open-source initiative by a group, then that’s a different story, and some factors would depend on whether this spin-off would still want to participate to the Science (in which case, some form of synchronization with the labs in Stanford is likely still a requirement) or not…

Could you please extrapolate a bit on your idea?

Hey Nando, thanks for your answer!

Actually, my idea was to see how to port on different platforms while still doing the Science (and without breaking any law/copyright/patent obviously). An initiative on Android platforms would be a great thing to do too (since it would definitely grow the base of users), I don’t know why I thought of Xbox and Playstation consoles only…

While the main goal here would be to still participate to the Science (whatever the nature of the initiative/platform, open/close, solo/group) some kind of synchronization would be definitely needed with you guys.

Now, I start to realize (thanks to your answer) that this could be a very tricky thing to organize, especially legally speaking, so probably the best thing to do is to leave this project to you guys. I just wanted to contribute somehow to grow the user base, but in a simple way…

Thanks anyway!