EteRNA should have a function to "radioactively" tag RNA.

Whenever I make a change and the entire shape of the strand suddenly shifts, I want to be able to bug-check it. What if we could “radioactively” tag a particular nucleotide? It wouldn’t have to be fancy, just a colored glow; red, blue, yellow, or green respectively. Certainly, if real-life biologists get to play with radioactivity tagging, us internet biologists should too!

Control-click on PC or command-click on mac to “tag” a nucleotide.
It’s not exactly radioactive, but it should serve the purpose.

It would be cool if the ring followed the nucleotide instead of hovering over it in place. Thank you very much, though!

But I still think glowing nucleotides would be the coolest by a lot.

The ring should follow the nucleotide as you switch from target mode to natural mode.

Oh, it certainly does that. I was referring to the slight bobbing and hovering the nucleotides do in both modes, while the circle itself stays pristinely stationary.

Oh I understand what you mean! I will make a note of it in the developer’s bug tracker.

It’s enormously encouraging that user feedback goes directly to the devs. Would that all software feedback worked this well!