Eternacon 2022 presentations and links

Please share slide decks and links from Eternacon presentations for further reading and learning.


Hi everyone! I had a great time chatting about C-GEM this morning. Here are the slides from the presentation - if anyone needs access to journal articles, etc. don’t hesitate to reach out. My contact info is at the bottom of slide 20, or you can just reply here!


Also, here’s a folder with a ChimeraX session file of C-GEM’s 2.0Å ribosome structure (PDB ID: 7K00). There’s a README in the folder that describes the various preset selections I made, and how to recreate (or change) the custom coloring. This link has commenting privileges, so feel free to leave comments, questions, requests, etc.


Here are my slides for my ChimeraX 3D visualization tutorial:

Also attaching a pdf version:
Eternacon2022_Chimera_Tutorial.pdf (1.8 MB)


Coding for Fun with Dot-Bracket Notation - Google Slides Here are the slides that went with my presentation, thanks.


Eterna Next slide deck:


Here’s the art show slide in case anyone wants to view it.

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Here is the race/challenge slide 2022

Here are my slides! Was great to meet you all virtually and see the community I hear so much about in action! Excited to see the directions the community will go in the near future.


I enjoyed your presentation! Thank you for the slides!

This was a very cool and enjoyable presentation, great job guys! Loving all the ideas and updates so far.

Thanks Andrew for taking the time to show us how to make those cool pics taking out and replacing dot brackets in the right places to form the image!

Slide deck for David Resnik’s talk on Ethics in Citizen Science:
Citizen science ethics.pdf (3.1 MB)

Examples of Janet Iwasa’s work can be found on the Animation Lab project page and her 2020 TED talk.

My Player Tools presentation on the spreadsheets and booster script created by players for the ribosome challenge.


Loved this presentation and look forward to using these slides to my advantage!

Thanks sarah for your great talk! I would like access to journal articles please!

This was a great presentation! I’m looking forward reviewing the slides!

Of course! The easiest way I can think of is to use a shared Zotero library for journal articles - you can add articles that you want to read and I’ll attach the full-text PDFs.

You should be able to request to join the group with that URL, or I can invite you by email. Does that sound good?

Here are the slides from my presentation. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.
The Joy of Spredsheets

Below are links to Forum discussions and the actual spreadsheets:

Ribosome Challenge Round 3:
Ribosome Challenge Round3 designs - Google Sheets

Open Vaccine Round 6:
OpenVaccineRound6Results - Google Sheets

RYOS_triloopAnalysis2 - Google Sheets

Thanks everyone for sharing. I wasn’t able to watch all the sessions live, so it will be good to at least see the slides for some of the presentations that I missed. Will the recordings also be posted at some point?

Yep, they will. We’re working with an editor to get them prepared.