Eternacon 2023

Here is the Eternacon 2023 schedule that will be added to the website soon. All times are Pacific. Thank you to @amybarish for helping with planning and to @Astromon and @Jennifer_Pearl for helping with player presentations. Eternacon shirts are available for purchase on the merchandise site. Let me know if anyone has questions.

Saturday, July 22
9:00 Jonathan/Rhiju Das, Welcome
9:30 Seth Cooper (Northeastern) and Scott Horowitz (Denver), Education in Foldit: Modes and dojos
10:00 Mark Vaughn (Capilano University), Using Eterna in a second-year biochemistry course to support work-integrated learning
10:30 Catherine Eichhorn (Nebraska), Eterna in the classroom: Enhancing student understanding of RNA folding
11:00 Lunch break
12:00 Quentin Vicens (Colorado), Pattern spotting in RNA structure
12:30 Joe Yessleman (Nebraska), Quantitative DMS measurements determine tertiary contact thermodynamics at nucleotide resolution.
1:00 Jeff Anderson-Lee, ArcKnot and ArcPlot
1:45 Break
2:00 Rhiju Das, Early results from OpenKnot challenge
2:30 Jonathan Romano, Eterna gameplay beyond thermodynamics
3:00 Breakout rooms (EPA, scripts, labs)
3:30 Astromon, Eterna puzzle race

Sunday, July 23
9:00 Victor Tse (UCSC), Designing ASO drugs for rare disease
9:30 Blanton Tolbert (HHMI), Viral RNA structures: An opportunity for broad public engagement
10:00 Momodou Camara (Nebraska), Structural dynamics in 7SK RNA central domain
10:30 Ronald Lorenzo (PVAMU) and Karmen Williams (CUNY), Eterna player profile survey 2023 results
11:00 Lunch break
12:00 Jennifer Pearl, Serena FoldChange prediction algorithm
1:00 Astromon, ASO player strategies
1:30 Christian Choe (Stanford), OpenTB paper
2:00 Arnuv Modh, Eterna art show

Not that I am advocating anything, just curious:
Here some Foldit questions that are off topic:
1.) What would learning Foldit bring to Eterna?
2.) There is some but looks like not too much scientific study in
RNA-Protein interaction. (From literature output). Correct?
2a.) Is there a need for this type of study, and what does it bring to the table?
2b.) Is a RNA-Protein game possible similar to Eterna with real labs.

Open ASO round 1 initial results: Eterna - OpenASO: Round 1 Results - Google Slides

Slide show for ArcKnot presentation: ArcKnot and ArcPlot - EternaCon9 - Google Slides

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Hello, I would like to see again the Eternacon presentations that I saw and the ones I missed. Is there a link for it? Thanks,

It will take about a month to get the recordings processed and posted. I’ll let everyone know when they are available.

  1. I found viewing the atomic bonds (the hydrogen and oxygen bonds) useful for understanding there are more intricate bonds happening in our RNA than shown in the Eterna puzzle interface.
  2. RNA-protein interaction is an active area of research.
    2b) Foldit is working on a RNA-protein game. It is a few years out still.

Sorry, I thought the link already existed. Thank you DE and take your time, there is no rush.

Eternacon 2023 videos are up!