EternaJS on Tablet - Touch Devices - Moving the Puzzle

Using EternaJS on Tablet (under Android - jeah!)
shows some missing improvements in conjunction with touch devices.

Starting a two finger gesture (for moving or resizing) alters the puzzle position -
this should not happen.
The Movement/Resizing does both resizing of the puzzle and also of the keys and displays -
as it should behave on a touch device.
Cursor buttons for sole movement of the puzzle are missing

Many thanks for the already present functionality!

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Hi cherry!

While we’re excited that Eterna is now able to run on mobile devices since we no longer rely on Flash, we have not made any attempts to optimize it for this usage yet. It’s in the pipeline for some point in the future though!

LFP6, I use an iPad and the main limitation is that the puzzle image cannot be re-positioned. Only re-sized. Wil zJS be abvailable to iOad users and will it correct this?

As I said before, while we do not support mobile devices right now, we do eventually plan to. Not being able to drag with touchscreens is a regression from Flash, so this is more likely to get resolved in the near future.