EULA checkbox appearing repeatedly

Is anyone else having trouble with being asked to agree to the end user license agreement every time you land on the home page? It has been just in the last day or so that it has been happening to me. Every time I check the “I accept the terms of the license agreement” box, but it never seems to save my response. I’m using Firefox version 84.0.2.

Hi Merida! This must have been introduced in the changes I made last week cleaning up code around the user profile. Amusingly, in the backend I can see it’s recorded that you’ve accepted the EULA many times. :slight_smile: I’ll look into this.

I also have the same experience with the license agreement.

When I return to the home page … I get logged off. This is new, too. So I log back in and … choose a new puzzle. But … maybe awkward?

Hey all! Pushed an update tonight that should resolve this. Thanks for your patience!

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