Experimental result select box isn't working

In the PTC lab, the design detail window has both the original design and the experimental result select boxes. The original design select box works but the experimental result select box doesn’t bring up anything.

That’s odd. I’m able to “See Result” for all eight designs. Are you not able to view SHAPE data for any of the eight designs?

I go into the design from the “review” list. The detail window has a icon
that if selected implies you can see the experimental results. That doesn’t
seem to work for me.

I know there were some bugs in this general area that we’ve resolved in the upcoming 1.10 release. Not sure if this is one of them, but I’ll try to remember to check in once we get that out.

Just giving you a heads up. Here is another one in the same screen. Voting in the detail frame doesn’t work when the design in the background but does work when the review list is the background. Just letting you know, it’s not a complaint.

That should also be resolved AFAIK

A number of related fixes have been released.