Feed and mail subscription to the forum and the WIKI

Omei has been checking into why why there are not more people participating in the forum discussions. Here are some advice on how to change that for the better.

  • Ingame feed for the forum
  • Mail subscription to the forum (daily or weekly digest)
  • Mail subscription to the WIKI for new articles

Here is the chatlog from today with suggestions for how to improve the use of the forum:

Omei: Eli (Change of topic), I did a informal pole past night of why more people weren’t participating in the recent forum discssions. …
Eli Fisker: Oh, let me hear
Omei: Seems the concensus was that most people don’t even look at the forums unless you recommend something to them. :slight_smile:
Eli Fisker: Lol
Eli Fisker: Omei, then I will immediately recommend everybody to look at the forum at least once a day
Eli Fisker: Actually I do have a suggestion that could help with that
Omei: It may have to be a PM to each, repeated every day. :slight_smile:
Eli Fisker: Instead of like now we only get mail subscriptions of the posts we actually subscribe to
Eli Fisker: one should have the option to get a daily or weekly mail with headlines for the current topics
Omei: Someone (Jieux?) suggested having a bot for it.
hoglahoo: so do I. If we could regularly and actively see how forum discussions help us, we might be more inclined to participate more often
Jieux: We have a tradition to nag until desired result is achieved… I recommend this.
Eli Fisker: That would be better than messages

Omei: Maybe a little blurb underneath the chat window saying "Latest forum post: “Blah blah blah” by lLittleCheese, 2 minutes ago.
stlnegril9: I have a tradition of looking at my older posts in forums and wondering what in the world I was thinking
Eli Fisker: Lol, Omei on your daily pm to each
Eli Fisker: Omei, that could work
Eli Fisker: The timing is a fine idea
Eli Fisker: However I do like the mail idea also
Eli Fisker: More ideas on how to get people to become more aware of the forum and use it?
Eli Fisker: (I think it took at least 3 months for me playing to realize there was a forum and a little more for me to check it daily

Eli Fisker: Omei, I’m considering bringing up that forum thing
Eli Fisker: and mention your idea
Omei: Not my idea, but I liked it. Could use it for the wiki, as well
Eli Fisker: Yes, that is an excellent idea
Eli Fisker: I would like that as well
Eli Fisker: as I forget to check for new articles
Eli Fisker: Will make wiki more active too
steven123505: wait…we have a wiki? :slight_smile:
Omei: Steven, you didn’t know? See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EteRNA :slight_smile:
steven123505: :slight_smile:
steven123505: i knew we did, just all of the new guys say it
Omei: I know you knew.
steven123505: i know you knew that i knew
Eli Fisker: :slight_smile: