Feedback from players who use

Recently, we released a refreshed version of the website with a new interface. The old version is available at Although many users have switched over to the new website, some prefer using the legacy version.

Our goal is to make the website experience the best it can be. The legacy website has some drawbacks, as does the current website. We want to fix the biggest issues with the current site so everyone has the best experience.

Players that use the legacy site, what is missing from the new site? What needs to be improved? What do you like more about the new site?

P.S. An issue we’ve heard a lot about is pagination. We’re working on making that optional.

Also, the filter does not always return the puzzles correctly with the new page.

I still use to see the dot-bracket structure notations of the puzzles. The notations are missing from the new version. I use the dot-bracket notations both to start a new puzzle maker design and to teach students. A puzzle description is incomplete without its dot-bracket structure notation; and stating the dot-bracket notation along with the RNA sequence makes a description of a solved puzzle complete, regardless of folding engine or other modeling rule.

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Why not just beam to puzzle maker?

Hmm. Never did learn that trick!

Right click —> beam to puzzle maker while in a puzzle. Won’t work with puzzles that have features which aren’t supported in puzzlemaker though (oligos, pseudoknots, etc)

Search on the lab page,, doesn’t work on the new site.