finding my next puzzle; creating large puzzles

1.  How to get site to go immediately to next puzzle instead of going through the last half dozen  solved?  Every time I open website, I have to go through previous puzzles to get to a new one.
2.  puzzles that are too large to fit on the screen are difficult to work because you cannot see the whole problem at one time - sizing down does not help because N’s are too small to see and click well

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Hey Petersdotter!

If you’re trying to get to unsolved challenge or player puzzles, you’ll just want to use the “Uncleared” filter - just check the box I’ve highlighted in the picture.

There are definitely a few very large puzzles, and I understand your problem with wanting to both see the whole thing but be able to interact with it too. Do you have any suggestions for how playing these puzzles can be improved? Maybe a way that you can zoom in on just a part you’re working on, and have that “overlay” the larger puzzle?

Some puzzles are quite long vertical strands, and if they could be turned 90 degrees, they could be seen completely instead of moving the screen up and down.  If there is a way to do this, I must have missed it.

That strategy could work, as a viewing option, though the standard puzzle orientation seems rigidly associated with the geometry of the puzzle itself. A second option which might work would be for there to be a “best fit” option, based off some simple algorithm. Thirdly, perhaps a “rotate shape” option might help, though I suspect that we would want the full 360° rotation option, perhaps a wheel which could be turned at the corner of the page. I have no problem with most puzzles, but I know that many players have had similar concerns as petersdotter1.