First look at new toolbar launching soon

Jonathan and the developer team have been working hard on a new toolbar that will allow more space for future tools to be added, but also allows player customization. We could use your help testing it if you have time. The new toolbar currently is live on eternadev,org for those of you who have an account there. If you have been around for a couple years, your existing sign-in credentials should work. If you joined within the last two years, you might need to create a new account for the dev site.

Check out the default toolbar in player puzzles, puzzlemaker, and lab puzzles, and explore adding the tools you want for quick access. Let us know if you find any problems! Thank you!

A reset toolbar icon???

You would like an icon to restore the toolbar to the default configuration?

I would use it first and then see if it is really needed.

Oh, I see what you are asking. The Reset icon is for resetting the puzzle, not the toolbar.

Sometimes Copy doesn’t highlight sequence when selected from toolbar.

The only way I can reproduce this is if you hit the toolbar icon while the dialog is already open. Is that what you’re seeing, or is there some other situation where you see that?

It happens randomly when box is opened. Wait before doing anything to see if I can duplicate

Also - When selecting freeze button to release, nothing shows that you actually selected the button. Might highlight if easy to do.

Might think about closing box when copy is selected. I can click anywhere to de-highlight the sequence
which right now is the only way to know if you have really “copied” the sequence.

Re: freeze, I’m not sure what you mean. When I click freeze, I see the arrow on the icon show, and then when clicking again it is removed

For the copy box, the rationale for not closing it is considering the use case of wanting to copy a bunch of times in quick succession as you make changes. Maybe it would be sufficient to have a message that shows for 1-2 seconds that says “sequence copied” or something?

Test freeze by freezing, then making changes, (select arrow is removed), select freeze again to un-freeze, nothing tells you button has been selected.
Message is fine for copy.

Ah, yep, I see the issue. Relatively minor since the entire puzzle background changes color as another indicator, but I’ll definitely look into a fix

Freeze issue has been resolved, and I’ve added a success indicator when you hit copy

A couple players have wondered why the energy boxes were moved to the right side of the interface, and have stated a preference for having them directly under the minimap because those are the two indicators players view when solving player puzzles.

The energy boxes were moved because the left side became too congested on mobile screens.

What do folks think? Energy boxes fine on the right side? What alternate configuration would you prefer?

Current location is OK with me. I am used to that location now.

The image above isn’t exactly reflective of the current state (it’s a mockup that’s a bit older). Here’s the a screenshot of how it looks currently on the iPhone 5/iPhone SE gen 1 (which is the smallest screen we currently verify/support):

It’s a little bit clearer here that we’re running out of room. Part of the difference is that all the different parts of the UI are a little bit bigger, which cumulatively adds up. In the future we may be able to scale everything down a bit for the super small screen sizes like this (plus in the longer term we have some additional plans to take another pass at improving how stuff is laid out in general), which could gain us some room to move those metrics back to the left (which I appreciate is a bit more natural since most players read from left to right plus other information is clustered there), but that probably isn’t something I can go after short term.