Flash storage request hangs game

problem with flash local starage on both safari and chrome on a mac - unable to click on local storage request - therefore unable to play as the game is hung

Hi Charley,

EteRNA requires the Flash Player with version 10 or later - can you try installing the latest flash player from the following URL?


I also ran into this problem. In the interest of trying to be helpful, here is what I did. My partial solution works on a Windows 7 machine, but maybe the same approach will work on your Mac. In my Windos Control Panel, I changed the setting on my flash player from

“Allow sites to save information on this computer”


“Block all sites from storing information on this computer”

and then I switched back again to

“Allow sites to save information on this computer”

This is basically hitting reset on the local storage used by the flash player. All of the data stored by the flash player is deleted. EteRNA requires this to be set to “Allow sites …” to play the game, but the problem went away. The problem recurred a couple of days ago, but the same procedure worked.

Tim (Ogrelike)

Resurrecting this thread as I’m having the same issue on Ubuntu 14/Firefox. Pasting a sequence into eterna results in the Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog box appearing with a request for more disk space. I can highlight individual controls in this dialog box with the tab key but that’s all. Any suggestions/workarounds?

I had flash problems with firefox on a linux machine.  Firefox would have many problems if the flash version wasn’t the latest available.  Unfortunately, my os was Linux Mint 17 and it’s repositories would not allow the latest flash version.  That’s what they used to call a “Catch 22” problem :slight_smile:
So I had to download chrome for a browser as a work around.

Working in Chrome rather than Firefox seems to have fixed the problem: thanks.