FNM concentration data for switch labs?

Is there any FNM concentration data available for any of the Simple RNA Switch lab rounds?

Yes, but we don’t yet have a clear way to present these data in EteRNA.

The devs are working on it, along with a thorough reimagining of the game structure & interface.

A simple textual news/forum post or a Google Doc spreadsheet will do for a start! Thanks.

Ah, I misunderstood your question – you were asking about data where we vary the FMN concentrations and look to see at what point the ‘switch’ happens, so-called FMN ‘titrations’. We carried those out for the January/February puzzles which presnted FMN binding sites in (fixed) secondary structures.

We actually don’t have those data (yet) for these recent
simple switches [the titrations take a bit more effort and money than our standard ones with zero and 200 micromolar FMN]. We’re first looking for designs that have a truly clear shift in chemical accessibility patterns across the entire RNA between those two conditions; at that point it would certainly be valuable to characterize the best ones with full FMN titrations!

Fair enough. So is there at least an indication on which designs seemed to switch/bind or not at 200 umolar? I’d love to have more feedback on the FNM present aspect of the designs, since we don’t have shape estimates.

Wait – in the lab viewer the SHAPE coloring is different when you switch between the two states – this should reflect the measured data for the -FMN and +FMN conditions.