Forum Re-categorization Completed

Almost a year after I was originally commissioned to the task at EternaCon 2015, I have finally completed re-categorizing all of the topics on the forums. Hopefully this will prove to make them much more useful going forward, and I appreciate the patience in the time it has taken me to work through this. If there are any inaccuracies in categories, topic types, statuses, or content (ie broken links, or even any topics or replies that should be edited), please let me know and I’ll be sure to update them.

Apologies to those of you who have gotten an influx of email notifications from the forums over the past few days. It appears that GetSatisfaction has updated their service to provide updates on categorization changes for topics. This means that if you have opted to receive notifications for all conversations on the forums, you will have gotten  over 600 emails. I hope this has not vcaused a significant problem for anyone, but this volume of updates should no longer happen in the future.



Congrats LFP6! This is amazing, and you basically did it single-handedly. We’re looking forward to seeing what you do next. :slight_smile:



Wow, thank you for getting this all through. I have not been able to use eterna in a while, and coming back to such improved organization, and seeing the execution of your original idea, makes me very grateful that you pioneered this, especially all on your own. I feel lucky that you are part of this team, and thank you for the time and care you have provided to the community.

The ability to tag posts by priority is especially appreciated. 

Good work!!!


~ elves