Forum spam

Approximately half of the Recently Activity topics are spam. I know that getsatisfaction has a mechanism for removing threads and banning known spammers. Is it possible that someone could volunteer to take on that role, and be given the power to do so?


I started cleaning out some of the spam. I’m also going to require that users login via the eterna site – that way a spambot would have to know to set up an eterna login and then come in here.

@jnicol: Jnicol has also been given privileges of removing spam.

Let me know what else we can do… if you or someone else volunteer to manage spam, send me a PM via eterna and I can try to activate a ‘community manager’ setting.

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Very good!

Thank you, Rhiju, for the prompt action.

Hog, I nominate you to be a community manager. The more responsibility we take on as players, the more time we leave for jnicol and Rhiju to do the things only they can do.