Freeze Button for labs

I would recommend a freeze button for lab designs so that a design frozen can not be voted on. Users can use to avoid voting, save work in progress, avoid having to delete submittals, and avoid the cheesy “do not vote” all over the place.


Where to put it:
The “vote” button on the design detail window could be replaced with the new “Freeze” mode button.

Thanks for the idea. That is a new approach to the Do Not Vote problem that I’ve not heard suggested before. The argument against would be that players should be able to vote on whatever design they want. I would disagree with that argument, I think players should be able to post designs in progress without worrying someone will lock it in with a vote. The one problem I see with this approach is that a player could nab a design sequence, mark it as Draft, and no one else would be able to publish it. Seems highly unlikely though and not in the spirit of the game.

We already have a Freeze button in the game interface. How about a Draft button instead on the design detail panel. Would your drafts count against your solution slots?


Thanks for the reply. The proposed freeze mode once set by the designer on a specific lab would not allow voting on that lab design. If the lab design already has votes, you can not freeze that lab design, too late. Allow frozen labs to be opened and modified like lab designs are now. You like a frozen lab, open it, mod it and post it. I don’t like the term “draft” just due to it implying a work in progress. Whatever you do, don’t stop someone from using a frozen design as their starting point. That was my initial complaint, I found those now deleted designs useful. And no, I am not going to copy stuff off to a text file. And don’t do the programming if it’s not easy.