fullscreen unreliable in google chrome (Challenge puzzles)

In Google Chrome, reverting between fullscreen/exit-fullscreen modes during Challenge puzzles causes locking behavior, locking me out of fullscreen.

Google Chrome - 26.0.1410.64 (Official Build 193017) m
OS - Windows
WebKit - 537.31 (@147513)
JavaScript Engine - V8
Flash Version - 11.7.700.179

…once I exit fullscreen, I am unable to reenter.


  • Close web browser
  • Close tab, Ctrl+Shift+t (reopen recently-closed tab in a new tab)
  • Refresh page

Interesting–I can’t duplicate on my system–but the devs will want to check it out and look for bug. Good luck till then.

PS: I dont navigate like normal people I use shortcut keys. (F11)