Game stuck on "submitting your design".

After finishing the puzzle and the “Cleared!” stamp comes onscreen with the message “submitting your design - please wait…” flashing, it doesn’t do anything. It keeps flashing though so it’s not a total freeze. This happened in the 5th and last tutorial puzzle, and again in the 2nd non-tut puzzle so it seems I’ll be coming across this more often. Refreshing the page works, but then I have to re-start the puzzle. I found one topic also reporting this problem, but I didn’t find any answer or fix for it, since s/he was also reporting another issue.

Also, challenges are not recording as finished. I’ve finished the tuts, which recorded. And the challenges Simple Hairpin up to Synthetic RNA - difficulty lvl 0, of which only the first is marked as finished.

Hi MurloW

This issue has been registered to our task list with issue #99…

We’ll update the post with the progress.

Thanks for reporting the problem.