Getsat Recent posts

I know this has been covered in the past, but with the increase in getsat activity, there needs to be a way to highlight the posts that you havent read yet.

At the moment I’m trying to find Eli’s latest post supposedly 3 hours ago in the Lab algorithms. But even with eveyrthing expanded I still can’t seem to find it…

I’m just thinking when a post get so long, the default view should only show the first post, and then the latest 4 posts.

Would save so much time without having to search for the lastest posts when they arent at the bottom.

Hi Berex!

Sorry, this is my fault. I deleted the post, when I discovered that I had been working too late and wasn’t thinking right.

Only showing the last 4 post could cover up something important. (okay the curious would look anyway)

But I really like the Idea about somehow highlighting the posts that you allready read or haven’t.

Hi Eli Fisker,

Oh thats ok. The thread should of been updated to take into account that your deleted post wasn’t the most recent then xD

Thank you for clearing that up. :slight_smile:

Still it’d be nice to have an easier way to find the most recent posts within a thread.

You’re right. :slight_smile:

Maybe the most resent answer could be first and so on. (reverse the sequence of answers). Though it could confuse a bit, as the discussion sometimes move in another direction from the first post. The latest answer, could be an answer to what someone answered to the first post. But it would secure that the latest answer would be the first found.

Berex, Eli, thanks for the idea!

We’ll investigate and see if there’s an option to do that in GetSatisfaction (the external forum solution we are using)