GetSat Tasks for Admins

I’m going through and doing what I can as a champion manager, but there’s still some things that the admins need to take care of. They will be listed here, per Rhiju’s request.

  1. Change GetSatisfaction domain to be a subdomain of EteRNA’s (ie

  2. I’m not sure if you can do it or each account holder needs to do it for themselves, but updating the title of the employees/official reps/admins more towards their actual involvement in the project (ie developer vs scientist vs past staff [who you might want to change to just an employee if you haven’t already, removing forum configuration privileges]) would probably be good.

  3. This is a question for the devs more than a request, but the following list of bullets is topics which I don’t know the current status of (ie a feature request that was marked as ‘to consider’ but I don’t know the outcome of, whether if it is planned or a won’t fix, or if I just have no idea how to mark it). I’ll use a private tag “Check Status” for all of these posts to make them easy to find in the management view. Please just take a look at them and set the status appropriately, then remove the tag.

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@LFP6, we’re getting going on a few of those already. For example, earlier today, I changed the names of ‘employees’ to ‘developers’, which has annoyed me for a while, but can now be fixed in getsat. The seems to have applied to a few of us, but not all.

Can I ask you & players one thing?  Can you separate the tasks/issues into one thread each? That allows us to mark the separate problems as solved as we solve them, which is satisfying!

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I don’t see why we can’t separate them. I can try to create new topics as appropriate or fork replies into new topics (and if anyone else sees them, I can take care of it). However, I’m wondering how you would like to deal with this topic (are you changing your request?), topics with a large number of items (like my tutorial creator feedback), or a ‘collection topic’ which was requested (like the scripting interface feedback). I’m going to assume with old topics, that if it’s still relevant to go ahead with a new post, otherwise just don’t worry about it.

Currently, your name is the only one I see marked as developer (unless you changed this back?). [EDIT: Actually, this is what you changed:, which has the same issue as below]

Also, I’m not sure that you want to do title changes by privilege level, as I’d assume different levels could be either a dev, scientist, or past staff (unless you want to restrict employees to those considered as “past staff”, but I don’t think the other two privilege levels would work, and that would assume you want to give all active team members rep or admin privileges).

Next item for admins, relating to categories (I would just directly talk to John, but I may as well just post it here):

Can the EteRNA category be removed, and the set it’s in me renamed to “other” (or removed if Miscellaneous can still exist without a set?)

The “Bugs” category under Issue Tracker should really be “Bugs & Problems to be Fixed”

“Labs” should be titled “Lab Interface” and put under software… Analysis would be the science part of it.


We don’t have a way to get finer-scale ‘position titles’ in getsat – let us know if you find  a way, because I agree that would be cool.

Agreed on removing EteRNA as a category. Can’t you update this with your management seat?

No, you need to be an employee or above with management.

It might need to be set per-user. I’ll double check.

A custom header should be added, probably with the EteRNA logo and standard nav bar on the main EteRNA site (and if all mirrors will be redirected to, setting it to that shouldn’t be a problem).

Instructions here:…

Just note that this won’t show up on small windows (smaller than ~350 pixles, and on devices like smartphones or iPods).

It would satisfy this post.

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Rhiju, could you clarify on what you were asking me to do with topic splits (I asked you a couple questions about that)? Additionally, should I merge all topics asking for various tutorial topics, or leave them separate?

I particularly want the EteRNA category removed sooner rather than later, as it would make my job easier to do.

Also: “Guides” should be renamed to “Guides and Tutorials”

The only reason we haven’t put a custom header yet is because I remember that we had to have it hosted on a secure domain first (https connections only).

Now that we will eventually be getting https for so that we can change the GetSatisfaction domain to be a subdomain of EteRNA, this is much more possible and sounds like a great idea :slight_smile: I think it will also help make the forums look as if they are part of Eterna, not a different site.


on this subject, does anyone have a suggestion for an SSL certificate provider for eterna (a non-profit entity hosted at an educational institution)?

There are 486 threads in the Eterna category, which will be orphaned if I remove this category. Probably best to update the categories before removing this category.

That’s what I want, so I can easily tell which topics I still need to do. And most topics are orphaned right now, plus that category is honestly useless.

I moved the Eterna topics into the Miscellaneous category and deleted Eterna category. The other category names requested were also updated.

Amazing, thank you.

Really sorry, one more thing I want adjusted (I’m better understanding what I’m looking at as I go through these)

“Lab Interface” should be “Lab Puzzles & Interface”