Glitch with Free Energy Display and "Lightning Bolt" button in Puzzles post-TB round 2.5 (September 2016)

-_- This is the second time I am typing this as I deleted the first version as I was posting. 

    First things first, the Lightning bolt icon (forget actual name) is glitching. Hovering cursor over icon does not tell me what it is, but displays options ALL of which are OVERLAPPING with the Sequence Stamper option being the front-most layer and the only item from that list which can be selected. 

    On a more serious note, the Free Energy Display feature’s ability to update values in real time has failed. The first time bases are placed the values are displayed correctly, however every change thereafter does not show a change in free energy value.

*Note puzzles can still be solved and the “shape constraint box” still functions correctly.  

     I did find that the correct free energy value can be displayed by refreshing the puzzle which can be accomplished in several ways:
           1. Toggling the Free-energy Display option on and off from the settings menu. 
           2. Toggling between Natural Mode and Target Mode.
           3. Duplicating the page in a new Window or Tab.
           4. Refreshing the page itself (e.g., the F5 key)    
     All of these options are a hassle. 

     I hoped the problem was with me so I cleared Cookie/Browser Data, but this did not solve the problem. Logging out and in again did not resolve either.

     It turns out that indeed I am not alone, As taken from In-Game Chat, another player posted: 

            Sgtbird08: On a side note, the free energy display is glitching out for me. Here’s an                         example. - Pretty much, it displays the energy of       whatever pair originally bound the RNA (in this case, the AU pairs were originally GC pairs like       you see on the right side of the image). Changing pairs does nothing. Hitting the G key will             refresh/correct the displayed energy,  [8:12 AM]
            Sgtbird08: So if anyone has a fix, it’d be appreciated. Send me a PM if so.

     Hopefully this is a simple and easy fix, but either way, am hoping that this resolves soon.

                                                          Thank you Devs for your time and efforts and for this genuinely awesome site xD


Ack on your first point: I’m not sure what happened there, since I haven’t touched anything related to this menu in the applet’s code recently… I will try to debug this asap, though I can’t give an ETA for a fix (see below)

I’m not able to reproduce your second point, but I’m fairly certain I know where it comes from, since I attempted to implement a couple of (rather tiny) performance improvements in the latest build. I’ll revert these since they seem to cause trouble.

Though, my current priority is to finalize a new feature: storage of folding information in the central database. The idea is to (greatly) speed up the browsing of already published solutions for this round as well as for the previous OpenTB rounds. I’m hoping to get the coding done and tested by the end of this week, at which point fixes and the new feature should be available to all players.

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Thank you. Hopefully the improvements will eventually go through without incident. I look forward to the database upgrade, reviewing lab data has been to clunky for convenience.     

Same for Win 7 64bit on latest Flash player on both Intenet explorer and Firefox. Lightning bolt/script menu is all piled up and free energy not updating. Pressing G manually.

Lightning menu and energy updating working fine on OS X 10.10 with latest Safari and Flash player.
I will try it out on linux later today or tomorrow. Cheers

I pushed a patch a few hours ago. Sadly, I couldn’t finalize the promised new feature in time (still working on it), but I think I did manage to fix the above mentioned issues. 

yup, lightning menu is working great :slight_smile: