GU Competition - Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

About 3 days ago I achieved the #1 position in the GU competition for
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii with 114 GU and 2 GC.
The challenge work page showed me as #1 but the index page square did not show me
in the top 3 at all immediately.
A few hours later the index page showed me as # 3.
My assumption was that the index took some time to update and what I was seeing there
was from a slightly earlier point when I was # 3 just before I found GU # 114 to reach #1.

Now,Three Days Later, The index page again does not show me in the top 3 and the
new Top 10 listing on the introduction page shows me as #10, with 9 other people ahead of me, all with my 114 GU solution!!

My assumption was that if I was the first to reach a new higher GU # that others who
found my solution later would always be listed below me and that I would remain #1
unless someone else found 115 GU or more. (unlikely in this case since we have just about run out of room.)

What’s Up? What did I do wrong, or what group/class/date don’t I belong to?
Why was my position usurped by later solvers?

Mike Lukacs on eterna Playing since 15 January 2011

Thanks for reporting this bug! It is now listed in the bug tracker as number 406.

Bug? I thought that there might be some policy issue here.

  1. You wasn’t the first player who reached 114 GU. My screenshot is from January the 12th and it shows my solution with 114 GU and 1 GC.

  2. The ranks of players with the same number of GUs seem to be totally random and differ every time you look at the Top 10 (puzzle’s page) or the Top 3 (puzzle list) - that’s a bug. Only the ingame-leaderboards in each puzzle show the correct ranks.

Thanks Madde,
My solution was reached on the 24th or 25th so you were definately ahead of me. (I did not even know of EteRNA until 1/15/2011.)

MLukacs: Is this problem resolved in your mind? If so, we should close the bug.

Well, it’s still a bug that players with the same number of GU-pairs have different ranks both in Top 10 and in Top 3. They should look like the ingame-leaderboards.

I now understand what happened (thanks to Madde) but as Madde says above part of the confusion is due to a bug in some of the reporting routines that still exists and should be fixed. That said, this is probably not the most pressing bug in the system. It should be fixed, but you should decide its triage position and address it only when more important problems have been corrected.
Thanks, Mike Lukacs

Ok, then we’ll leave bug 406 open. Thank you for understanding that we must triage bugs.