Has there been a change to the game/scripting UI?

When I try to fire up the arcknot booster on the latest labs it does not appear to find the “maingame”?

There shouldn’t have been any relevant changes. Also opening the console and running document.getElementById('maingame').get_sequence_string() with the “EternaJS” window selected (NOT “Top”) works as expected. Could you provide some more details about exactly what you’re seeing?

OK thanks. I’tt try debugging it some more then.

Still having problems. I’m using an up to date Chrome:
Version 119.0.6045.123 (Official Build) (arm64)
But when I try to edit my latest ArcKnot script and “Make A Copy” I can edit it fine, but when I click on “Save” it seems to hang and does not create a new version of the script. I’ve always used Chrome under this profile for creating/editing EternaScipts before.

Looks like the request size is over a new limit that wound up getting introduced - I’ll get this solved shortly

Updated, should be working now

Thanks. Working now, and I was able to make a bug-fix to ArcKnot. V3.6.3 works with puzzles that have no locks as with the current lab.