Hi , here is where you can tell the DEVS what is the best times for you to attend a DEV chat meeting.

Please comment to this thread and say the best time for you to attend a DEV chat meeting.

Everyone’s answer will have to be evaluated to come up with the best possible time.

Also maybe we could have alternate times by-weekly to have more time zones involved with these great chats. Please comment on that idea as well. Thanks!


i would like to know about it, i’d love sharing. c : and inspire with tecnology.

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Thanks Xness!

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Great, thanks Astro very much!!! 

Lroppy suggested Wednesdays at 5pm PST I believe? Please correct me if wrong.

This would work for me.

It’s a great suggestion to alternate as that would be a good compromise! However from my personal perspective, I’d like to keep our time slots each week consistent, as this helps provide stability and an easier way to know when things are scheduled.

My reasoning is that in the past, having biweekly schedules confused people, and they often would show up on the incorrect week expecting a chat at a certain time then not getting it. So it’s a good idea, but in practice my personal experience is that this current structure of same time every week is helping create consistency and dependability.

I will work with you all to find a time that works for an additional time slot, since I think having a second meeting slot will increase bandwidth for things like classes, guided walkthroughs, and per the original goal, accessibility to dev chat / issue / feature suggestions. I think this will help provide support to the community, and that it’s wonderful you all are participating and want to participate, so I’d like to encourage that. 

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it sounds like Tuesday 4-5pm PST is open for me, Jen Pearl, and Ben Keep to trade off and keep it going.

I’m not sure if that is late enough for those busy during the work day, so please chime in as to whether this works for you!