Hotkeys not working well

The Hotkeys work, but before i can use them 90% of the time i have to click the background first, before i can press it.

Reason want it to get fixed… My wrist hurts of the continues twisting… and yeah thats because I play this game to long because its fun :stuck_out_tongue:
(Program wise: maybe it is an layer issue)
(Macbook Pro; Google Chrome)

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Agree, very annoying. Especially when I’m moving quickly or watching the minimap while I try to flip pairs or change colors, but don’t realize I have the wrong thing selected still and mess it all up.

Hi Flashstep

This has been added to our issue tracker with ticker number #41

You can check the issue at…

You can check all player proposed issues at…

Thanks for your idea!

EteRNA team

Same issue here, but only seems to occur with “Display free energies” on.

after Joe mentioned this in chat, I can confirm that for me this also only occurs when I have the advanced energy option ticked on

thanks Joe!

the ticket has been updated to reflect this

It happens to me a lot, mostly switching modes.

thanks for the info

I face the same issue

From the issue tracker: “lullujune closed this on Jan 13”
I guess we’re stuck with this one!

It also happens to me a lot. It is too difficult to solve this problem :(! Who can help me!

Apparently, the only current way to solve the problem is to turn off the advanced energy option