How can a design that was voted for not have a creator getting points ?

In round 1 I see a design called ’ Perception 10 whose nature score is 92 / 100’ receiving votes. It is a good design. The voters get points. So far so good. Now, the creator of that design has another design called Perception 9, which is more or less similar to the voted design, and he gets points for that.

Why doesnt Sneh, the creator, get points for CREATING Perception 10, instead of for making something siilar to Perception 10, called Perception 9 ?

Hi NonOfYourBusiness,

Oops, that’s a system’s mistake - basically, Sneh gets same reward for both Perception 9 and Perception 10, and since 9 comes before 10 our system chose to reward Sneh for that. We just fixed it. Thanks for noticing this!