How can I get the raw image file for the dot plots?

Hi I have been working on an automated dot plot analysis app for awhile and need to get access to the raw image files used to generate the DOT Plot in the labs. If I can do that I can finish this little program. Can someone help me get access to it? I cant find any way to get to it through the shockwave player.


Hi Jennifer,

According to the docs, there’s no way for a Flash applet to copy a bitmap to the clipboard, if it’s what you were hoping for.

More generally speaking and if you don’t mind my asking, I wonder why you’re attempting to use the bitmap as a data source. Before it is converted to a graph, the Vienna library computes an array of probabilities. These predicted probabilities can be accessed more directly and specially, more reliably than using a screenshot (for instance, you may or not not be aware that the gray-scales you see in the Flash applet are gamma-corrected)

No that is not what I am asking for. I need to get access to the “ACTUAL” RAW image file (jpeg, bmp, whatever it is at its source). I do not need anything put into a clipboard.

If you can point me in the direction to ALSO get the probabilities for designs from another method that I can access programaticly that would be cool.

I really just need to be able to access the pairing probability’s programaticly.