How do add a custom constraint in puzzles?

i can’t find the lightning bolt in the tool bar for puzzlemaker. is this supposed to be a thing? and, also how can i add a custom constraint to my puzzles?

Neither of these features are currently available. We have plans to add them somewhere down the line, but it’s more work than we have bandwidth for right now. :slight_smile:

b b but i saw ahalb do it

Expanding on @LFP6’s explanation: The current code doesn’t support boosters in puzzlemaker. But adding a custom constraint is doable if 1) you are able to properly code it in Eternascript, and 2) convince someone with admin permissions to attach it to your puzzle. So custom constraints aren’t available as a general feature, but if you invest the effort in becoming a player-developer, it is possible.

OK, Thanks! so i need to be a player developer.