How do I close the chat window?

Somebody please tell me how I can close the chat window so I can work on a puzzle without the distraction. It’s fine when normal people are on it, but when the “trolls” take over and do nothing but obscenity, it is truly obnoxious! How do I get rid of the chat???

Dear Clara,

Apologies for the delayed reply. You have several options:

  1. When you’re in a puzzle, you can click on the little arrow at the upper left-hand corner of the chat window and it will close.

  2. Both in an out of puzzles, you can click the little text under your name which says the number of players. That will switch the chat window to show the players currently on-line.

  3. Some top players have privileges to ban chat trolls, you can ask one of them to ban the trolls. You can also send me a private message with the names of the trolls and I can ban them.

  4. Not ready yet: There’s an open feature request to give players a personal ban list. When we get that implemented, that should fix the problem.