How to create FMN switch puzzles

With CloudBeta-Switch approaching, I thought it would be possibly helpful if I wrote down a simple technique I recently came up with, which allows anyone who can solve single-state puzzles, to create FMN switches.

Of course, it won’t be long until you guys figure out that this method can be used for any kind of 2-states switches, not only for FMN ones.

Thanks to Jieux, Eli, janelle, hoglahoo, starryjess, rnjensen45 and wateronthemoon for proof-reading the document, their suggestions, and for succesfully testing the method.

Specs for phase 2 of CloudBeta are out, and available at Jee’s example.

I can’t be sure if it’s important or not, but the order seems important, so put the molecule on the right side, not on the left one like done in the guide. Everything else remains the same.